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*Giuseppe, this is so much shit. 

Fuck it all, I like you. I do, but I’m working kind of hard not to do things neither of us have any business being ready to do. So no, it was not a date when I asked, it was me wanting to take someone I think is awesome to do something he’d like. It would have been really fucking rude for me to ask you out knowing you don’t know that I am. 

Moreover, yeah, I did… uhm… stuff with Ares. It’s been made abundantly clear to me that I’m a slut for it. Shortly after that, I kind of realized I was doing the “feelings” thing, which I had decided not to do anymore. I failed at that and I like you, and I’m awful and now I am openly a slut. Again.

There. Fucking clear as I can make it.

  # //and on that note i brb    # giu  

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    *Leans in and kisses him again.* I don’t think you have to try terribly hard.
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    *grins laughing* I’ll see what I can do to make it happen.